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>Subject: Military Options: Where Would They Lead?
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>         Military Options: Where Would They Lead?
>AS'AD ABUKHALIL, abukhali%20at%20toto.csustan.edu
>Associate professor of political science at California State 
>University at Stanislaus and fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern 
>Studies at the University of California at Berkeley, AbuKhalil is 
>author of the article "Islam and the Study of Central Asia." He said 
>today: "Learning about Islam is not terribly instructive here, just 
>as Christian theology is not a good framework to explain David 
>Koresh. Non-religious political factors are involved.... There are 
>up to 3 million refugees in Afghanistan and they are basically 
>forced to stay there while they may be bombed. The Afghani people, 
>despite their ethnic divisions, historically always rally against 
>outside aggressors. The Afghani people and fellow Muslims would find 
>any punishment of the people and the country as unfair and unjust. 
>After all, the Taliban were not voted in with free elections, but 
>were thrust on the country due to direct Pakistani military and 
>intelligence support, with tacit U.S. agreement."
>JAY TRUMAN, hermit%20at%20downwinders.org, http://www.downwinders.org
>Truman grew up in Southern Utah, where he watched mushroom clouds 
>rise from the Nevada Test Site. Today, as director of the 
>Downwinders organization, he is one of the nation's foremost 
>authorities on nuclear weapons policy. He said today: "Rumsfeld 
>declined to answer whether the U.S. would rule out the use of 
>nuclear weapons. Rumsfeld's assistant, Paul Wolfowitz, has stated 
>that the Pentagon is poised to unleash 'a very big hammer.' The 
>administration could be angling to use earth-penetrating nuclear 
>weapons, which they were already planning to test. Contrary to the 
>administration claims that these weapons are almost surgically 
>clean, these weapons are incredibly 'dirty'; by their very nature 
>they will produce a great deal of intensive local radiation and 
>massive widespread fallout for hundreds of miles, as tests of 
>similar cratering devices in Nevada have already shown."
>WILLIAM HARTUNG, hartung%20at%20newschool.edu, 
>Hartung is senior research fellow at the World Policy Institute and 
>co-author of "Toward a New Nuclear Posture: Challenges for the Bush 
>Administration" and "Tangled Web: The Marketing of Missile Defense, 
>1994-2000." He said today: "It certainly seems as if these attacks 
>are being used as an excuse by the military and the political right 
>to basically take all their pet projects ... and label them 
>'anti-terrorist.' In the name of 'national unity,' the Democrats 
>have for the most part agreed to roll over and give the president 
>anything he asks for in the military and intelligence spheres -- 
>hardly a sterling example of democracy at work. The $20 billion 
>increase for the Pentagon was rubber-stamped without debate, or even 
>an outline of how the funds might be spent. Before this increase, 
>our military budget was already $343 billion -- at Cold War levels."
>ROBERT JENSEN, rjensen%20at%20uts.cc.utexas.edu, 
>http://www.nowarcollective.com, http://www.commondreams.org, 
>Author of the forthcoming book "Writing Dissent" and an associate 
>professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Jensen is among 
>activists who are planning nationwide gatherings to begin Sunday. He 
>said today: "The resistance to hyper-aggressive U.S. plans is 
>deepening. In five days I have received 1,200 personal email 
>messages and calls in response to my writing, which argues for the 
>Bush administration to drop its belligerent stance. The majority of 
>these people are terrified of what the U.S. is planning and 
>desperate for a solution based on justice, not retribution and power 
>politics. The notion that Americans all have a blood lust is simply 
>not true."
>For more information, contact at the Institute for Public Accuracy:
>Sam Husseini, (202) 347-0020; David Zupan, (541) 484-9167