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by the Freyheyt collective 12:35pm Tue Oct 2 '01

address: Box 116, 339a College St., Toronto ON, M5T 1S2 freyheyt at tao.ca

We are pleased to announce that the Oct. 16th mobilization to shut down
Toronto's capitalist heart -- its financial district --is still happening as

The situation in Ontario has not improved in the wake of the devastating
attacks on the American Empire. If anything, we expect it to get worse.
Therefore, it is our responsibility to continue to resist and end the long
and shameful retreat. It is time to walk our talk. It is time to fight to

We know that the political climate has changed since September 11 -- we know
that the looming war will only bring ruin to millions. We know that the
state will use the attacks as a pretext to step up oppression. In this new
climate of fear and war hysteria, we have some suggestions for anarchists
traveling to Toronto to take part in the actions.

1. Anarchism is not a fashion statement

We would like to suggest that anarchists not dress all in black for the
mobilization. We will still be marching in an united anarchist contingent,
under the banner "Enough is Enough", but we would like to suggest that this
anarchist contingent NOT be a "Black Bloc". The reason for this is that we
don't want to separate ourselves from the broader mobilization and single
ourselves out for police repression. It is not a statement on tactics often
associated with Black Blocs, such as self-defense, unarresting, or pushing
through police lines. We are only questioning the tactic of dressing all in
black at this particular mobilization.

We would like to state that we are only calling for an Anarchist contingent
to march together within the broader mobilization. Unions, anti-poverty and
social justice groups will march together -- so will we. All other tactics
are left to affinity groups who we trust will use their heads and not
endanger anyone but themselves. We must be fluid with the situation.

2. Brains before boots! Direct action not symbolic posturing.

In our view the term "direct action" has been misused quite frequently. In
this mobilization the goal is the disruption, and if possible, the shut down
of Toronto's financial district. Like everyone involved, we would like to
accomplish those goals with a minimum of violence. Getting into needless
confrontations with the police when it won't advance the goals of the day is
not direct action, it's machismo and bad tactics. At the same time, being
timid in confronting the police when necessary will lead to tactical failure
and arrests (or worse). Be brave, daring, and unafraid to fight -- but do it
in a smart, disciplined and tactical way.

Regarding confrontations with commuters -- we would like to avoid that as
much as possible. A situation where there are hundreds of demonstrators and
hundreds of commuters facing off has the potential to turn ugly really fast.

Finally, while we certainly have no love for bank windows putting bricks
through them is symbolic protest not direct action. This doesn't mean that
property destruction is less valid than other forms of symbolic protest,
such as placard waving. To shut down the financial district, however, we
need more than mere symbolism. We need to take direct action -- blockades,
pickets, strikes, walkouts,occupations and other actions. So, again, we call
to you to come to Toronto organized with new and creative ideas on how to
effectively shut down Bay Street. For the NEFAC statement "this is what
direct action looks like" see:

3. We would like to strongly suggest that people who are able to, attend the
Toronto assembly / spokescouncil on Saturday Oct. 6 and the convergence and
training hosted by the Toronto Common Front on Sunday Oct. 14th. We also
encourage people to come to Toronto beforehand to organize with either
ourselves for the anarchist contingent or with the OCF for the broader

4. October 16th is only the beginning!
Following the 16th there will be a province-wide campaign of economic
disruption throughout the fall. We hope that anarchists will continue to
mobilize in their communities, workplaces, schools, bars --everywhere--
against the Harris government and the capitalist system that spawned it.

At the same time we would like to see people continue to travel around
Ontario to back up the actions in the smaller cities and communities. After
all, Rome wasn't toppled in a day.

As long as we have no justice they shall have no peace,

The Freyheyt collective. (Supporter-NEFAC, Toronto)
Box 116, 339a College St., Toronto ON, M5T 1S2
or email freyheyt at tao.ca



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> fellow anarchists - please consider participating in this very significant
> action...
> sol!
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> The Ontario Common Front is calling on activists to join us in Toronto on
> October 16, 2001 for the kick-off of a campaign of economic disruption
> designed to effectively challenge the Tory government.
> The Tory government's attacks on the people of Ontario have been
> relentless from cuts to social assistance, to the establishment of a 60
> hour work week, to the Walkerton crisis, to the murders of Dudley George
> and Kimberley Rogers. This government has to be stopped.
> The Ontario Common Front is a coalition of activists and organizations who
> are determined to fight this government. We are planning a campaign of
> economic disruption, which will target the pocketbooks of the real
> beneficiaries of the Tory agenda - the business community! To the Tories
> and their wealthy corporate supporters: it is no longer business as usual.
> The Campaign starts on October 16 in Toronto when we will disrupt the
> financial district. We will gather at Nathan Phillip's Square at 5 a.m.
> for breakfast and depart at 6 a.m. on Snake Marches through the financial
> district. (Only with this early start, will we be able to have a powerful
> impact on the financial district, the heart of Mike Harris's Ontario.)
> Making our way through the district, the primary task of the marches will
> be to stop traffic (vehicular or pedestrian). Additionally, throughout the
> district groups are encouraged to split off from the Snake Marches to
> focus their attention on blockading key intersections along Bay and York
> streets or on any number of corporations benefitting from the Harris
> agenda of cutbacks, privatization and deregulation. However, we are
> calling on all activists to begin in the Snake Marches.
> Organizations, individuals or affinity groups who would like to sign
> onto the Campaign and find out more about October 16, such as how
> they can fit into the action, are encouraged to contact OCAP at
> 416-925-6939.
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