[imc-sheffield] Sparxie's Imagination

C sop02ck at sheffield.ac.uk
Fri Aug 8 10:42:47 PDT 2003

In case you don't know Headcharge are doing a benefit gig on August 24th in 
honour of Sparxie, a media activist, among other things, and all round sound 
guy who sadly passed away recently. All money will be going to Cancer Research 
UK. The very inspiring promotion of the event has included getting loads of 
people at a certain place, writing with chalk and paint the details of the 
event and then taking a photo which is then used as a poster. There have been 
two such posters created and if you wanna be on the next one and show your 
support, the next 'stunt' is taking place outside the Town Hall this Sunday 
(10/8) around 6pm. Headcharge are trying to get as many people as possible so 
come down if you can. If nothing else it should be good fun and something out 
of the ordinary.

Well done to whoever came up with the idea. I'm sure Sparxie would have loved 

Christina Trouble 

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