[New-imc] Re: sf.indymedia.org/indybay.org Split Problems

Otto Nomous soydog at riseup.net
Tue Jan 6 15:05:43 PST 2004

> In the case of SF, the divisions they have chosen make sense, one for 
> the city & one for the
> metropolitan area.

Actually, just to clarify, that is not how the division took place. The 
split was never along regional lines. While initially the people who 
wanted to split (who now run sf.indymedia.org) demanded a split between 
San Francisco and East Bay (demanding that they keep San Francisco), 
most people rejected it as a ridiculous idea since both bays are 
geographically so close and intertwined in activities (and especially 
since one of the main people demanding the split lives in the East Bay 

The original sf.indymedia.org was always the San Francisco Bay Area 
IMC. During mediation,
both sides tried to agree to both groups coming up with different names 
for each IMC, but at the eleventh hour the splitting group claimed that 
they just couldn't come up with a name. The end result was that the 
group that was the remaining group would continue to be the San 
Francisco Bay Area IMC but using http://www.indybay.org (after giving 
up the sf.indymedia.org in good faith).

The new sf.indymedia.org group is now calling themselves the San 
Francisco IMC. Members of the new sf.indymedia.org have been trying to 
paint the split as a regional split. For example, a member of the new 
sf.indymedia.org group has already posted to the IMC women's list 
falsely claiming that indybay.org was an "East Bay IMC".

The bottom line is that this split was never about regional lines such 
as city vs. metropolitan area.

> It may make sense for both groups to submit documents to new-imc & go
> through the approval process.

As shown on the mediation split agreement, "Ryan & Noah's group will 
get sf.indymedia.org & will need to go through new IMC process" because 
they were the ones splitting from the group to form a new imc (even 
though they ended up with the sf.indymedia.org domain) while the 
indybay.org is not a new imc but a continuation of the San Francisco 
Bay Area IMC as it has always been.


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